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Discovering Jabalpur: Uncovering Hidden Places that you’ll love

Step into the vibrant heart of Central India, where the city of Jabalpur beckons with an irresistible blend of history, nature, and untold tales.

Beyond the bustling streets and well-known landmarks, Jabalpur cradles hidden places, each brimming with emotions and specialties that define its essence.

As you embark on this journey, imagine the gentle caress of the Narmada, a river that not only flows through the city but also weaves its spiritual thread into the very fabric of Jabalpur.

In this article, I invite you to feel the pulse of Jabalpur, to discover the hidden places that resonate with the deep-rooted emotions of the locals. From the awe-inspiring marble rocks to the tranquil corners that echo with Maa Narmada’s whispers, we unravel the city’s unique charm.

Join me in unveiling the hidden wonders that make Jabalpur a tapestry of emotions, where every hidden place tells a story, and every moment is a connection to the soul of this extraordinary city. Let the magic of Jabalpur unfold as we explore the specialties that make it a sanctuary of serenity and cultural richness.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the emotions and specialties of Jabalpur, where each hidden gem is a testament to the city’s timeless allure.

So Let’s Begin…

List of Hidden Places in Jabalpur

Hidden Places In JabalpurNearby Popular Place/ Location
Swarg DwariBhedaghat
Pashupatinath templeBhedaghat
Kalyanika TapowanBhedaghat
Kedarnath TempleDhanvantri Nagar
Vishnu Varah templeMajholi
Shail parna UdyanDevtal Garden
Tindni LakeRanjhi
Kaligarh Bargi

Details about the Hidden Places in Jabalpur

Swarg Dwari

Swarg Dwari image Hidden place in jabalpur
Image credit: Yappe.in

Location: Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Nestled in the heart of Bhedaghat, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, Swarg Dwari beckons with its breathtaking natural beauty.

Just 40 kilometers from Jabalpur airport, this tranquil haven offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite being a part of Bhedaghat not many people know about this hidden place.

As you stand at Swarg Dwari, you’re treated to a panoramic view of the Narmada River and the surrounding picturesque landscape, becoming particularly enchanting during the magical moments of sunrise and sunset.

The breathtaking hues of orange, pink, and gold paint the horizon, casting a glow over the river and the nearby Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat.

Swarg Dwari is strategically located near these famous Marble Rocks, where sunlight reflects off the white marble, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. Beyond the visual feast, Swarg Dwari provides a serene ambiance, inviting visitors to engage in introspection and relaxation.

Whether you choose to witness the spectacular sunset, take a stroll along the riverbank, or capture the changing colors of the sky through your lens, Swarg Dwari promises a tranquil escape and a connection with nature’s beauty.

Make sure to visit during the golden hours—either at sunrise or sunset—to fully embrace the ethereal charm of Swarg Dwari.

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple , Jabalpur

Location: Gopalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482003

Another hidden place on the way to Bhedaghat, the Pashupatinath Temple in Gopalpur, situated on the banks of the Narmada, is renowned for its triform manifestation of Lord Shiva.

On one side, there are darshans of Lord Ganesha, on the other side, manifestations of Shakti, and on the third side, one can witness the divine presence of Shiva.

The dome is adorned with a beautifully crafted Shri Yantra. The outer wall is unique, and the melodious sound of the Narmada’s gurgling stream adds to its enchantment.

There is also a meditation cave, and stairs lead towards the Laxmi Ghat along the Narmada.

Nearby is the Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple, surrounded by breathtaking views. Once you have experienced its divine presence, you will be drawn to revisit the temple repeatedly.

Kalyanika Tapovan

Kalyanika Tapovan. Jabalpur

Location: Gopalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482003

Located near the Pashupatinath temple, Kalyanika Tapovan is a significant center where people practice Shri Vidya, a spiritual tradition. The location is quite peaceful, right next to the sacred Narmada River. Not only does the place provide necessary things for pilgrims, but it’s also a hub for various activities related to spirituality, yoga, and helping others.

Imagine a serene place where you can connect with your spiritual side, do yoga and engage in activities that make a positive impact on others. That’s the unique blend that Kalyanika Tapovan offers.

So, when you visit, it’s not just about essential amenities; it’s a whole experience that transforms and enriches your time there. It’s like finding a peaceful haven that nourishes your spirit and lets you contribute to the well-being of others around you.

Kedarnath Temple

Location: Shiv Aradhya Vihar, Dhanvantari Nagar, Kugawan, Madhya Pradesh 482003

Located in the Dhanvantri Nagar area of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, the Kedarnath Temple is a relatively new structure, inaugurated in February 2023. While not situated in the Himalayas like the original Kedarnath Dham, this temple still attracts devotees seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Built by Ashish Sahu, the architect and builder of the Dhanwantari Nagar Shiv Aradhya Vihar Colony, the Kedarnath Temple in Jabalpur is a replica of the iconic temple nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas.

The striking resemblance includes the white granite shikhara, the intricately carved pillars, and the surrounding mandap, offering a familiar sight to those who may not be able to undertake the arduous journey to the original temple.

Despite being a replica, the Jabalpur Kedarnath Temple holds its own spiritual significance. Devotees throng the temple throughout the year, especially during festivals like Mahashivratri and Shravan. The peaceful atmosphere and the presence of the sacred Jyotirlinga create a space for prayer, meditation, and spiritual solace.

Vishnu Varah temple

Vishnu Varah temple Majholi

Location: Indrana Rd, near Manjholi, Majholi, Madhya Pradesh 483336

Explore the rich historical tapestry of Jabalpur by visiting the ancient Vishnu Varah temple at Majholi which tells tales of resilience and reconstruction.

Originally built in the 11th century, this sacred site faced destruction but was skillfully resurrected in the 17-18th century. While the shikhara might not be in its original form, the temple’s architecture stands as a testament to the passage of time and the dedication of those who rebuilt it.

Situated in an east-facing orientation, the temple is adorned with ancient idols embedded in its walls and ramparts, offering a glimpse into the bygone eras.

As you approach, a notable pillar awaits, featuring the fascinating Dashavatar markings. The temple’s door branches showcase intricate depictions, including Makar Vahini Ganga and Kachhap Vahini Yamuna.

At the center, Yoga Narayan sits gracefully in Padmanas, surrounded by the symbolic representation of Navagrahas on the wooden doors.

Step into the square sanctum, where a towering statue of Yagya Varah from the 11th century commands attention.

Below, Sheshnag cradles Amritghat on the post, with his wife elegantly displayed behind him. Above, Varah Yog Narayan reclines in Padmanas under the muzzle of Varaha.

The temple’s interior is adorned with intricate deity ornamentation, showcasing the artistic prowess of its craftsmen.

This archaeological marvel not only serves as a spiritual sanctuary but also holds immense historical significance.

As one of the captivating places to visit in Jabalpur, the ancient temple invites you to delve into its stories of reconstruction, resilience, and the cultural heritage of the region. Immerse yourself in the tales of Dev Muni, Siddha, and Gandharva intricately ornamented on the temple’s sacred structure, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike.

As I did not find the mention of this place in many articles, I thought of including this in the hidden places in Jabalpur.

Shail Parna Udyan

Shail parna Udyan

Location: Devtal Infront of Ramayan Mandir ,Medical College Road, Garha, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482003

Step into Shail Parna Udyan, a calm and pretty place surrounded by lots of greenery. There’s a nice pond with colorful fish and birds swimming around, and pretty flowers everywhere.

The place is great for exploring, especially if you like walking up hills. From the top, you can see the city and the forest below. There are signs on rocks telling you where to climb if you’re up for a little adventure.

Shail Parna Udyan is perfect if you want some quiet time. You can just sit and relax, enjoy the view, read a book, or do some peaceful meditation. Since not many people go there, it’s not noisy, and you can find a peaceful spot to soak up the sun.

Even though it’s close to the city, not many people know about it, making it a cool hideaway and a perfect spot to be included in the list of hidden places in Jabalpur.

Also, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city from the top which will make your trek absolutely worthy, and if you decide to go, it’s a good idea to bring a friend for company and safety.

Tindni Lake

Location: Tindni, Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh 483220

Tindni Lake, located not far away from Ranjhi in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, is a picturesque picnic spot. It is situated alongside a canal and offers a serene environment for visitors. The weather is particularly marvelous during the rainy season. Great place for nature lovers and photographers.

If you’re in Jabalpur, consider exploring this hidden gem!


Kaligarh Kali Mata Mandir

Location:  Village Chourai, Bargi Dam Rd, Bargi, Madhya Pradesh 482056

Near the very popular Bargi dam, you can visit the Shri Kaligarh Kali Mata Mandir in this area, featuring an impressive 108-feet tall statue of Goddess Kali, touted as the tallest in India.

The statue’s vibrant color combination is truly captivating, creating an awe-inspiring sight. The towering stature of the goddess is not only visually striking but also pleasing to the eyes.

Nestled at the base of the statue is a small temple housing the Kali Mata Mandir and representations of all nine avatars of Goddess Kali.

It’s a must-visit destination, especially when exploring the Bargi Dam area. The divine ambiance and the grandeur of the statue make it a remarkable and spiritually enriching experience for visitors.

So this was all about the hidden places in Jabalpur that I know about. Let me know if you were already aware of these or if you know a hidden place in Jabalpur that you think is worth visiting in the comment section below.

I hope you liked this article.


Is it worth visiting Jabalpur?

Absolutely Yes, Jabalpur is worth visiting as it is a city with places of historical importance, cultural significance, and natural beauty. From the iconic Bhedaghat Marble Rocks along the Narmada River to historical marvels like Madan Mahal Fort, Jabalpur offers a rich tapestry of experiences.

What is special in Jabalpur?

Jabalpur is renowned for the breathtaking Bhedaghat Marble Rocks featured in many Bollywood movies, where the Narmada River meanders through towering cliffs and forms the Dhuandhar Waterfalls. The city boasts historical gems like the Madan Mahal Fort and the unique Chausath Yogini Temple. With a rich blend of history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage, Jabalpur offers a captivating and diverse travel experience.

What is the nickname of Jabalpur?

Jabalpur is known by various names, two of which are Marble City(due to the presence of marble rocks in Bhedaghat) and Sanskardhani (meaning cultural center).

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